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Dear Venue Owner,

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Over the coming months you will see many of the biggest names of venues in the UK and well as a host of smaller businesses that have decided that bestvenue.com is the place to be! We are one of the fastest growing and most exciting search facilities in the UK and well on our way to achieving 100,000 monthly visitors in 2008. Our traffic will increase dramatically in the next few years through organic SEO and a considerable PPC budget as well as off-line advertising. Please use the grid below to select the level you think would be best suited to your business.

Price (PA) ? Free £50 + VAT £100 + VAT
Venue Name ? Yes Yes Yes
Venue Address ? Yes Yes Yes
Phone Number ? Yes Yes Yes
Weblink (Reciprocal) ? Yes Yes No
Weblink ? No No Yes
Categories ? 1 3 6
Facilities ? No No Yes
Thumbnail ? No Yes Yes
Directions ? No Yes Yes
Home Page Rotation ? No Yes Yes
Large Pic ? No 1 4
Top Listing ? No No Yes
Description ? No 2000 Chars 5000 Chars
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The price quoted is for any individual venue for a yearly feature at the level required, the price will available until at least the end of December 2008. Payment can be made by credit card online, see “buy” above.

Venue Name and Address

The venue name and address will appear on all listings and should be the name and address of the actual venue and not that of any head office, corporate building or PO Box.

Phone Number

The venue phone number will be shown on all listings and should be a consumer contact number.

A reciprocal website link will only be accepted from any venue listed in the basic & featured levels. The reciprocal link will be checked weekly and any link not reciprocated will be removed. The premium featured level will not need to reciprocate any links but it is appreciated if they do.


We have endeavoured to cover every venue type, if there is a venue category you would like considered, please contact us here. A basic (free) listing allows the venues to choose the most appropriate category (one) to suit the venue. Featured level can choose a maximum of 3 categories they would like to appear in.


Bestvenue.com have a range of icons that represent the most popular facilities that venues have, if you would like any other facilities considered please contact us here. Facility icons can be chosen by venues in Premium levels and will appear on the "more" page following a venue search.


The thumbnail picture will be the picture shown on the initial listing for featured venues when searched.


A Directions facility is supplied with all featured listings.

Home Page Rotation

All featured venues rotate on the “featured venues” placings on the home page, these change every time the page is loaded.

Large Pictures

Large pics are the pictures shown on the “more” page following selection of the venue by the consumer. 1 picture will be allowed for Featured listings, and 4 pictures for Premium listings.

Top Listing

Premium levels appear first on all featured columns.


All featured venues can write a description of their venue. Featured levels is limited to 2000 characters, Premium level is limited to 5000 characters.

It is the Venues responsibility to ensure the listing appearing on www.bestvenue.com is accurate. Bestvenue.com Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies and Venue owners attention is drawn to Terms & Conditions and the Disclaimer on www.bestvenue.com

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